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HomeBrewersReview of Jonathon's Citrade IPA (w/ recipe)

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Taking magnesium and it’s making me lethargic

I am having issues with migraines, muscle aches, dizziness, head feeling weird like “out if it”, etc. Migraines are not my main issue but the Dr recommended starting with treating that because maybe its all connected. She told me to start with magnesium oxide 500. I bought magnesium citrate instead and started with 300mg in the evening. I would think it takes a while for the magnesium to give any affect but few hours after taking it my body feels lethargic. Like I was tranquilized. It’s the same feeling each day few hours after taking it and still I feel it pretty bad this morning. Did anyone else have this? Will it eventually go away the longer I take magnesium? I was so hopeful that magnesium might be the answer to my issues :(
I am also curious why the dr would prescribe oxide instead of citrade
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Good News! Citrate had a direct effect on the norovirus particles, study finds!

Not sure if this has been posted here before, but something as simple as lemon citrade can destroy norovirus cells!
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8 days in, should I continue?

I'm currently in record territory on my 8th day of fasting.
At 6'4, 177lbs i'm in a good place, but I still seem to have a high body fat of 15% per the scale I use. My chest is a bit flabby and I have a muffin top I can't get rid of.
Should I continue the fast to let my body burn the existing fat? I also plan to start working out again, not sure whether to start in a fasted or fed state
-water, black coffee, green tea fast.
-lime, cinnamon, ACV, pink sea salt and magnesium citrade powder used regularly
I just bought MCT oil and BHB pills I'll use when done the fast. Also looking to get electrolytes soon. Just stored a big batch of homemade bone marrow broth that i'll use to ease into a fed state
Any recommendations are welcome
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Help with cat worms.

2 1/2 years
Male not neutered
Stray rescue, mutt
Swollen belly and worms in feces
1st noticed swollen stomach three weeks ago
We are in Texas.
I've been giving my cat crazy cat kitty wormer once a month for over 2 years (lived in the country). Its main ingredient is piperazine citrade syrup. We began noticing his symptoms and I decided to try a different medicine because it looked like worms. I went to the pet supply store and bought Excel roundworm dewormer with the same active ingredient and within an hour of giving it to him he started throwing up worms. He vomited up what look to me to be adult worms off and on for a couple of hours but has stopped now. He just finished eating and seems in good spirits. I cleaned my entire house with bleach because of the worms in the throw up and I just want to make sure that he is okay.
Specifically the medicine bottle says not to give him any more for 14 days but I'm concerned that he puked it up, can I give him another dose or should I wait?
Edit to add photo of one of the worms that he threw up.
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Israel’s Online Fraud Industry Targeted in Rash of Foreign Enforcement Actions

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The U.S. government is seeking a $75 million judgment in a federal court in Florida against an online marketer who allegedly helped Israeli companies defraud victims in the U.S. and elsewhere of their money using misleading web schemes.
The websites offered visitors fraudulent investment opportunities involving financial instruments known as binary options and Shah allegedly collected a commission of up to $450 each time a user made a deposit into an online account.
The websites Shah is alleged to have promoted are LBinary, Global Trader 365, Vault Options, TraderXP, Trade Rush, Banc de Binary, Citrades, OptionMint, OptionRally, RBOptions, Bloombex Options, Redwood Options, BeeOptions, Amber Options, OptionsXO, and SpotFN. The CFTC notes that none of them have been registered to offer binary options contracts.
Israel banned the marketing of binary options last year in a move widely hailed as a crackdown on a fraudulent industry that duped thousands of people around the world into handing over large sums of money based on false premises.
Because of loopholes in the binary options legislation and the lack of legal actions against fraudsters by Israeli authorities, the industry has managed to survive.
In March, U.S. prosecutors in a Maryland court charged Israeli binary options executive Lee Elbaz with several counts of fraud.
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persönlich Verlags AG - YouTube Mei Meets Matsuri  citrus - YouTube Da-iCE / 「CITRUS」(日本テレビ系日曜ドラマ「極主夫道」主題歌)Teaser - YouTube ChannelPartner - YouTube Landgasthof Post (Unternehmensfilm)

Lyon 302 (5-teilig - ZR) Melbourne 202 (3-teilig - ZR) Paris [T2] 302 (5-teilig - ZR) Bordeaux 302 (5-teilig - ZR) Bordeaux 402 (7-teilig - ZR) Baujahre: bietet dir Downloads und Streams von Citrus (2018, Anime Serie) Ger Dub und Ger Sub auf Hostern wie,,, und vielen weiteren an citrus. Videos Rezensionen Kommentare Weitere Infos. Neuste Älteste citrus. Folge 12 my love goes on and on Folge 11 love you only ... Willkommen bei Citrus. Unsere Formel für Sie lautet Vitamin C. Kreativ und effizient befreien wir Sie von kleinen und großen Beschwerden im Marketingalltag. Frische Impulse lösen Verspannungen, stärken die Abwehrkräfte und sorgen für langfristiges Wohlbefinden. Für wirkungsvolleres Marketing mit Vitamin C-Effekt. Even at your busiest, you can open your doors with confidence knowing Cintas has you covered with a wide range of products and services that enhance your image and help keep your facility and employees clean, safe and looking their best.

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Top 10 Tips for Citrus Care - Duration: 12:09. Plants4Presents Recommended for you. 12:09. Microsoft word tutorial How to insert images into word document table - Duration: 7:11. ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 日本テレビ系日曜ドラマ「極主夫道」主題歌「CITRUS」フルサイズ配信スタート! 8月から6ヶ月連続 ... Das Portal für Systemhäuser, ITK-Händler und Distributoren: Business-Tipps, Technologie-Trends, Channel-News und strategische Ratgeber. Qui suis-je? Ben, ... Citadis. Un jeune grenoblois né il y a quelques années de cela, en train de passer son bac et qui a comme passion les transports en com...